Why Thailand?
A Guide For An Outrageous Vacation

So You Want A Bargain

The "morons" who pay more than 1000 baht long time don't have to do any running around. They walk, not run, into any gogo bar in town, find Miss Tonight, negotiate an agreeable number in a simple process where the punter is not getting completely skinned and the girl doesn't have to face God only knows what sort of inner shame by auctioning herself off to the lowest bidder.

The guys who live to have no regrets (and know what the going rates are) head off with any girl they want in tow at any time of night. Mission accomplished and they soon find out if she's as good in the sack as she looks instead of forever wondering about it.

Meanwhile, the guys who reel in horror at parting with more than 1000 baht are the "morons" who face a race against time, frantically going in and out of bars dropping a ton of money on lady drinks while getting knock backs and in the end... often end up just grabbing the first thing with a pussy (all going well) who'll agree to 1000 baht long time because it's nearly closing time and all the quality talent is long gone anyway.

Next option: semi-closed beer bars or Street Meat. Well, FUCK that! You didn't endure that long boring plane ride to Thailand for that.

Some guys have self-imposed parameters, expecting 1000 baht long times from Pattaya's top shelf totty being no small hurdle for starters. Sure, for whatever reasons it can and does happen on occasion. But to expect it as a normal price with girls from the big gogos, where hundreds of guys pass through every evening and who really couldn't care less about the additional cost so that they can have a solid 10 or the gogo's featured lesbian act for home screening purposes? No.

...unless a trick used by despicable low cunts (often expats and temporary friends of bar owners/managers around town) is used.

Like never discussing money with girls first, then handing over 1000 baht (or maybe even less) the next day knowing full well that she may not have been so keen to join them overnight had they known this was the payment when the barfine was paid.

These guys exploit the fact that most Thais will try to avoid confrontation, so the girls will usually just walk away with any luck. The backup plan, if she does erupt, is to say that the girl's boss in the bar "who is the punter's good friend" told them 1000 baht was normal freight for a five round all-nighter. A stunner long time accomplished for 1000 baht. Do you really want to join this group?