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A Better Way To Butterfly

You see three girls that appear suitable. Call them all over and buy lady drinks for them. Don't be in a rush - you've got all night. Banter with them.

Try to get a feel for who they are: ask them about their families, compliment their jewelry/tattoos, or how smooth and soft their skin is, or how your tanned skin is so much darker than theirs (light colored skin is prized in Asia), or how you love their darker skin. Make a joke about sex (always a popular topic). See who speaks English best, dances best, gives the best back massages, or who seems to be the most fun. Improvise.

Tip: The more fun you are, the more fun they'll become.

Tell your harem that while you'd like to barfine them all, you lack 'power' to do them all at once. (Unfortunately, this condition really will, sooner or later, present itself. Such are the foibles of sanuk. ) Instead, tell them that you want to barfine each of them separately, over the next three nights.

This establishes you as a butterfly. It allows you to fall in 'love' for two or three days with one girl and then move onto the next without anyone feeling slighted - or never even bother with the one who you don't even begin to connect with.

You should buy drinks for all the girls each time you visit the bar so as to avoid favoritism (this also increases rapport). On the plus side, you can all openly banter about each other's bedroom activities. This is also an excellent way to end up having them all at the same time if you decide to do so since they will become comfortable with you and won't feel as though they're competing for your attention.

This approach can be a bit pricey, especially if you want to entertain them by going to a disco or whatever first, but you will have a great time.

The scenario described above works quite well if followed. But what generally happens is that you end up zeroing in on a single honey (It's hard to always follow an "optimal" strategy when you're focused on having a good time.)

Let's say you return to the bar to check out some of the other talent. This can be awkward if not handled well. Don't ignore the honey you previously barfined. Buy her a lady drink and explain that you won't barfine her and that you want to look around.

So you go ahead and barfine girl #2. If you're wise: every time you subsequently enter the bar, buy a lady drink for each of the girls you've been with. Face is everything.

Note that simply telling a girl you're a butterfly can also lead to her giving you permission to do so, but not at her bar. The point is, saying you're a butterfly is not enough; if you want to be seen as a player, act as a player.

By the way, making the acquaintance of the mamasan is a good move. Buy her some lady drinks. Mamasans are invaluable for introducing you to girls once you make your preferences known to her. Don't be shy as she's heard it all before and anyway, it's part of her job.

Want a girl that you'll click with? Just ask the mamasan to recommend a fun girl.

Yet another reason to talk with the mamasans is that you will gain status by establishing a relationship with them. Engaging them in conversation in front of a girl will virtually eliminate having any problems with the girl and may contribute to her being more friendly as well.