Why Thailand?
A Guide For An Outrageous Vacation

Beauty vs. Attitude

Of course you want the beauties. Why else did you travel halfway around the world?

You see a stunning girl in a bar and call her over. She approaches you with the same enthusiasm as if going to the dentist. But this girl is drop-dead gorgeous.

Your breathing is becoming rapid. You've just got to have her, as she is sex personified. You could take her right then and there, in front of everyone. She is hot. So you pay the barfine...

Afterwards, the lasting impression that remains is neither her beauty nor the sex.

No, it's the same lack of enthusiasm as she displayed in the bar.

Or her penchant for constantly gazing at herself in the mirror.

Or her talking on her cell phone while completely ignoring you.

The not-so beautiful girls are much hungrier resulting in a huge difference in attitude and performance.

This is the classic "Beauty vs. Attitude" dilemma. The idea is to find a girl who you enjoy being with. She may or may not be a stunner. (Don't worry, Thai girls tend to be attractive, slim, and petite.)

Put another way, is an average girl with a bubbly personality and offering a good time better than a disinterested stunner who is often more into exhibitionism rather than the sweaty sex encounters many gentlemen prefer?

One man's view:

"I'm telling you, I'm absolutely fed up with the pretty girls in this town. Give me the ugly ones! Bring 'em on! They're hungry for lovin'! Eager to please! Grateful for attention!

"Let the other guys scramble and grovel for the indifferent, sex-sated, spoiled beauties, with their cell phones and 24K gold jewelry. I don't need an aloof little bitch who's getting laid multiple times a day by multiple guys. Her pussy's sore and she doesn't want any more!

"There are a lot of ugly-to-average-looking girls here who constantly get overlooked and passed over. And they're plenty of fun for a night's romp in the sack! Yeeha!"

There are *so* many ways to do Thailand...

Best regards,
Steve Seltzer
Author, Why Thailand? A Guide for an Outrageous Vacation