Why Thailand?
A Guide For An Outrageous Vacation

Pray For Me

This newsletter features a mail bag entry. While this is a plug for the Why Thailand Guide, it's also a lesson about the rewards of giving Thai girls what they fundamentally want and need.

If you base your view of "working girls" on what is generally available in the West (commercial-grade sex), throw that mindset away.

Treat Thai working girls with respect and Face and you will find that they offer so much more in terms of intimacy (and a great time!)

But enough of me talking...


I can not thank you enough for the "Why Thailand" book. The insights, tips, and just plain wisdom are invaluable. Your advice to 'develop a relationship' and hints on how to do so are really on target.

If I had to sum up my Thailand trip, I'd say, "Fun". "Adventure" certainly also comes to mind. Here's my story...

It was Saturday night when I hit a couple of places on Soi Cowboy, which was pretty quiet. I decided to head back to Soi 22 and see what was going on there and came upon a group of girls urging passers-by to enter Tony's gogo.

One of the girls had "The Look". She beckoned me in. I responded with, "I go in if you come with me."

"Lek" laughed, grabbed my arm and escorted me inside. I used several of your suggestions for small talk to get into a relaxed conversation, including speaking in Thaiglish.

My intuition about Lek was confirmed when she attempted some lip action. Instead, I followed your instructions and gave her a Thai "Sniff Kiss". Wow! Things immediately heated up.

No big surprise, we soon ended up back at my room for Short Time (though I did have to stop and feed her first). After a while, Lek said, "When you tell me, I go." I very smoothly replied with, "I not want tell you go."

So, 3:00 pm, the following afternoon, rolls around. The intervening hours were really, really nice. No. They were exceptional: among the best I've ever had.

By then, it was obvious I would be barfining Lek again.

We decided it was time to go for a walk. We passed by Robinson's Department store where she pointed at several items. I said, "No. Too expensive." (You should be proud of me. Previously, I would have been out several thousand baht without your advice. Thank you.)

Next, we went down to a food court. (You have to keep the girls fueled. A hungry Thai girl will not be a happy Thai girl.)

We walked around a little more and finally ended up back at her bar. It was still early but she went upstairs and came down with a stunner. Lek said, "This my sister. You barfine her too."

I know you advise not buying drinks for your girl's friends, but "Mali" was the kind of girl you do buy drinks for (Thank you, Lek). I guess the trick is to know when to break the rules.

The girls teased me mercilessly until I eventually relented and handed over the additional barfine for Mali. I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into, but decided to just go along with the flow. Truly amazing how wrong my concerns turned out to be.

(I found out later that Lek had called Mali to set everything up. This makes sense as Mali knew too much about me - including all my preferences. Isn't it terrible when two babes conspire to show you a great time?)

We left and hit a bunch of Soi Cowboy gogos. It's a whole new experience having two tour guides who know everyone.

Lek and Mali made a point of telling all the girls to give me "Best show" and "Special attention" (like I wasn't already getting "Special attention" from my two lovelies...)

We finally make it back to my room and I was a bit apprehensive not knowing what to expect. Not to worry: I ended up being the farang filling in a Thai sandwich.

I won't even try to describe the night other than to say that it was, without doubt, the best evening I have ever had. Period.

The next morning I had to fly out to Shanghai. The girls woke me up, helped pack my bags, and made sure I got checked out of the hotel properly.

Now comes the hard part. The night I met Mali, there were two other girls in Tony's who wanted to come along with us. I declined their invitation as I was having enough trouble envisioning a threesome. Figuring out how a fivesome works was simply beyond me. I mean, you've only got so many body parts.

So since that was impossible (for me), I promised them "Next week". Monday I am back in Bangkok.

Pray for me.

So why aren't you already on your way to Thailand
(with the Why Thailand bible in hand)?

Best regards,
Steve Seltzer
Author, Why Thailand? A Guide for an Outrageous Vacation