Why Thailand?
A Guide For An Outrageous Vacation

"Return home a changed man!" - Yeah, right

We've all heard big claims.

The cult pseudo-religion, Scientology, promises to free you from all personal doubts and demons.

Then there are the more practical "How to get laid" books
(at least they're focusing on something a lot more fun than the ever-so-serious Scientologists).

And of course, don't forget the Internet "Escorts" who swear spending time with them (and a hell of a lot of *your* money) will transport you to heaven on wings of ecstasy.

Yeah, right. Just don't take too long getting to the Promised Land. There's nothing more encouraging than hearing, "Are you almost finished? Because I have another 'date' coming in 30 minutes."

I can't guarantee you'll be transformed by Thailand.

I can't guarantee you'll have a great time in Thailand - though you'd really have to make an effort not to.

And I can't guarantee you'll get laid (on second thought, I can pretty much guarantee this one).

So here I come along proclaiming that I, too, hold the key.

Well, maybe. The "key" is different for each person. But once you're able to get a girl's *full* attention in an easy natural way, something happens.

Once you understand what makes her 'tick', you might discover an extroverted new you - or something similar.

But what does "discovering an extroverted new you" really mean?

Being extroverted and being confident go together hand in hand. And confidence comes from successful social interaction.

Cutting to the chase:
Failure breeds failure and success breeds success.

At home, when you hit on girls and get knocked back, your confidence likewise gets knocked back.

And it follows there's nothing like getting an enthusiastic "YES!" from the object of your desire to make your confidence grow ten feet tall. Lo and behold, you begin taking the initiative more often. You become extroverted.

While Thailand certainly offers an abundance of "YES!" girls, you'll also see lots of guys sitting by themselves staring forlornly into their beer. They're no doubt wondering why they came to Thailand.

But you'll also see other guys sitting with their girl engaged in animated conversation.

Which group do you want to be in?

The guys having a good time are the ones who return home with tales to tell. These are the guys who become extroverts.

So what does this have to do with the Why Thailand eBook?
Why Thailand is exactly what it claims to be: a guide.

  • Follow it - and your interactions with the girls will improve - greatly

  • Follow it - and you will be successful - and not just in getting laid, but in having fun (something you'll soon realize the girls themselves also want)

  • Follow it - and yes, you may very well discover an extroverted new you

Best regards,
Steve Seltzer
Author, Why Thailand? A Guide for an Outrageous Vacation