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Thai Escort Agencies: Pros and Cons

We've all done it. We've all surfed the Internet looking at Escort websites from time to time. Poke around a bit on the Internet and you'll soon come across websites for Thai-based escort agencies. I certainly have.

And once in Thailand, you'll also see lots of ads in the Bangkok Post newspaper.

So should you or shouldn't you...


The girls are young and attractive. Some speak good English. The agencies are legitimate. Some websites even describe exactly what the girls will and won't do. (You can always ask details about the girls for those websites that don't have explicit information.)
The girls will come to your hotel. You can make an entire night of it dining and dancing as a warm up to the main event at a cost that's hardly prohibitive.
Additionally, there is
  • NO searching
  • NO bargirl attitudes
  • NO barfines
  • NO lady drinks
  • NO tipping
  • NO scams
  • NO rip-offs
  • NO sleepers
  • NO cell phone addicts
  • NO added expenses
  • NO hassles or unforeseen problems
(At least, that's what you're supposed to be getting... )


While prices are a bargain compared to what you would pay back home, they are outrageously high compared to Thai prices. You could easily find a girl on your own for a lot less money in any of the tourist areas described in the Why Thailand guide.
Also consider that you're going to be in holiday-mode every day during your trip. Costs add up.
As in the West, you pay upfront. Getting your money back if there's no chemistry between the girl and you is not likely. With bargirls, you pay afterwards (a far better arrangement).
Then there's the folly of falling in love with a photo - the real thing may be far different from your expectations.

Still, the question remains:
Should you use the services of an escort agency while in Thailand?

Using a Thai escort agency because that's what you do back home is not a valid reason. You're in Thailand - not at home.

Being too embarrassed or intimidated to pick up a girl is also not a valid excuse. One purpose of travel is to grow by gaining confidence, polishing social skills, and becoming more extroverted. Besides, the chase is half the fun.

The furtiveness commonly associated with the sex trade at home is absent in Thailand. You're an unaccompanied farang guy in Thailand. Bingo! Like it or not, the assumption is you're in Thailand for the women (or guys or ladyboys depending on how you swing...)

As strange as it may seem, your mindset will change to the point where you'll soon feel that it's perfectly normal to be upfront about having a vibrant erotic companion for the evening.

There are really only a few limited reasons to use an escort agency:

  • You have difficulty with mobility
  • You need to be discreet
  • You're coming into town at 6 am and want to start off with a bang
  • You're too tired (or just too lazy) to go out looking on your own
  • You're less than impressed with the talent you see around your hotel
  • You're in Thailand for only a few days and don't want to waste time finding the ideal companion

Newbie? No problem. You can still know the score
Let Why Thailand be your guide

Best regards,
Steve Seltzer
Author, Why Thailand? A Guide for an Outrageous Vacation