Why Thailand?
A Guide For An Outrageous Vacation

Thai GFE - As Good As It Gets

What are the girls like and what are their attitudes?

Women's lib hasn't made it over to Thailand. The women aren't loud or brash. They are feminine and attentive.

Most of the girls really don't like to think of themselves as prostitutes. They will usually consider themselves to be your girlfriend for the duration of your time together (days, weeks - whatever you want).

It may be playing at semantics, but the difference is important. There is a casualness and acceptance of prostitution that's conducive to developing friendships and even long-term relationships.

This is what makes this place special. You aren't renting a hooker or a whore; you're having a great time with this girl you just met and you're helping her out with some expenses.

Is this true 100% of the time? No, but it's true often enough - and
it's a lot more likely to be true if you know what you're doing

Worst case, you may have to go through four or five girls before finding a gem (It's tough being a man...)

Why Thailand has what you need

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Steve Seltzer
Author, Why Thailand? A Guide for an Outrageous Vacation

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