Why Thailand?
A Guide For An Outrageous Vacation

You Go To Thailand... (Part II)

"You're going all the way to Thailand just to get laid?"

We've nearly all faced this question.

In the West, escorts also offer "gettting laid" services. It's expensive and all too often mechanical and unfulfilling. Sometimes delivered by women who, under other circumstances, you wouldn't even look at twice.

To add insult to injury, if the escort is actually attractive, it costs more. Sometimes a whole lot more.

And having her stay overnight, you ask? Forget it. It's sky high. Sex is just plain costly in the West.

To be fair though, much of the blame lies in the structure of the arrangement.

  • Paid sex is largely illegal (in the US), so the women are fearful of being arrested. An initial atmosphere of nervousness is hardly conducive to a pleasant time together

  • The women are legitimately afraid of having to deal with the occasional abusive client

  • Because of the expense, sessions are brief (sometimes as short as 15 minutes brief!) There is little time for personal connection.

Overall, it isn't a positive experience for either party.

Enter Thailand.

Thailand offers the general amenities of a great vacation including golf, sightseeing, and the experience of an exotic culture - all delivered at a reasonable cost.

But let's be honest and admit that the big draw for single men is the wonderful Thai women with their beauty, charm, and enthusiasm.

Thai women offer the intangible value of the Girl Friend Experience (GFE).

Because having a girl stay overnight is common, a GFE is not unusual. Often what begins as a purely commercial transaction can, at some point, cross the boundary of having mutual feelings for one another.

The Thai environment is quite different from that found in the West:

  • Although prostitution is technically illegal, you wouldn't know it. It is what it is.

  • So far as men becoming abusive, well, it happens on the odd occasion, but generally everyone is far too loved up to bother with such nonsense.

    Overall, the biggest concern in your mind is wondering how well you're going to perform for the ensuing evening's gymnastics seeing as how you already indulged earlier that morning or afternoon.
    (New tourist slogan: "Get laid and promote world peace")

  • Sex is not expensive - though if you fall in love, that could change. A lot.

Note: Nothing is being said here about whether your beloved is in love with you. That's a long topic for another day (but covered extensively in the Why Thailand ebook).

What all this means is that Thai women are quite willing to go with you, especially if you establish rapport. For example, could you imagine a Western escort excitedly agreeing to travel around the country with you? Not likely. Thai women though, view it as it is meant: a chance to have a holiday with someone who they feel is 'nice'.

(And if you're not a particularly nice person, Thai women will try their best to change that unfortunate condition.)

So, back to the original question, "You're going all the way to Thailand just to get laid?"

The answer is really, "Yes. And no."

Thailand offers as much as you can handle
Dig Deeply And Enjoy The Ride

Best regards,
Steve Seltzer
Author, Why Thailand? A Guide for an Outrageous Vacation