Why Thailand?
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You Go To Thailand... (Part III)

One reason I encourage feedback is because Why Thailand Readers raise good questions, such as this one...

Hey Steve,

I really liked your newsletter about how to respond when asked, "You go all the way to Thailand just to get laid?"

And it's true the question usually comes from women.

But tell me, how do you respond when one of your male friends says, "Well, I already have a girlfriend so I don't need to go to Thailand."

This statement is often accompanied with a knowing look implying there is something wrong with any guy who goes to Thailand because he can't score at home.

- Traveling Man

Hi Traveling Man,

Here's my counter-argument to a valid point.

If someone has found a fulfilling relationship at home - well, that's great! I wish the happy couple the very best.

The truth though, is that most relationships really aren't all that fulfilling and often require a lot of compromise.

If these same guys were in a position to experience a place like Thailand, I'd venture to guess a fair number would say something like, "If I only knew then what I know now."

Have any of these guys ever mongered overseas? I'm 57. Sue me, but women who are of an "appropriate age" simply don't interest me.

And let's be honest: Here at home, 25-30 year olds look right past me.

Enter Thailand. I feel quite comfortable with 25-30 year old women when in Thailand. And they, in turn, are comfortable with me.

Actually, it's a lot more than merely comfortable, but I don't want to launch into a long discussion here. Topics of Thai women, Face and Culture are already covered in depth in the Guide.

What do you think?

Hey Steve,

I like your counter-argument. It's very helpful as I have similar thoughts.

I look around me and the only guys I see with women I find attractive are usually 30-somethings and down. I rarely see a 40 year old guy on the subway with a woman I would fantasize about.

You talk about being 57! At 44, I already "feel old" when it comes to trying to find romance with attractive women. The guys in my age group - and up - who have girlfriends almost ALWAYS make me want to run to Thailand to avoid dating here.

Thailand has really altered my relationship dating paradigm. You've heard of "long-term financial planning"? Well, I think of Thailand as "long-term sexual planning".

My future, sexually speaking, is THERE !! not HERE !!

The future here will grow ever more bleak, sexually speaking. In Thailand though, there will always be great sexual opportunities (relationship, just sex... whatever). And then there are those vague things called "feelings".

I just feel good being with women in Thailand. Yes, I feel totally comfortable with 25-30 year old women there. AND 38 year old women too. I like them all.

I remember you said, "Everybody wants you to get laid in Thailand." Well, it seems that here, society wants to prevent you from getting laid.

Get the kind of insight to help make your
trip into something where you will say:
"I can't wait to get back there again!"

Best regards,
Steve Seltzer
Author, Why Thailand? A Guide for an Outrageous Vacation