Why Thailand?
A Guide For An Outrageous Vacation

You Go To Thailand... (Part IV)

Why do men spend so much time and money going to Thailand? Perhaps the best answer:

We go because Thai women are easy. They wait for us as we walk along the street and they smile sweetly. They want our money, or they want us to take them out of the poor life they are in. They think of us as rich - which we are to them - and they want an easy life.

It doesn't matter whether they are bargirls or so-called good girls. They are easy. They want us. They actively look for us, and we don't have to do anything other than say, "Yes, okay." Is it any wonder we farangs fall under their spell?

It's not just a Thai woman's seductive charm and attractiveness. What closes the deal is that she makes a man feel valued. She gives him her undivided attention and refrains from criticizing him. She will accommodate him as best she can.

In other words, she shows that she values him, warts and all (even if she really doesn't). A girl may only be after a guy's money, but if the guy is happy, and she's acting the good girlfriend, he probably doesn't care.

Whatever your reason for going to Thailand,
let Why Thailand help make your adventure better

Best regards,
Steve Seltzer
Author, Why Thailand? A Guide for an Outrageous Vacation

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