Why Thailand?
A Guide For An Outrageous Vacation

Your Thai Adventure? Maybe...

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So what can the Why Thailand eBook do for you?

For those of you who have never been to Thailand, be assured that a fair amount of the tales you've heard about are true.

The problem though, is that there's a lot you haven't heard of.

The Good News
The girls love newbies as they know they can wrap them around their fingers and get them to part with more money than from experienced guys.

The girls are very Street Smart - a lot sharper in certain ways than many guys twice their age.

This is still "good" because, quite frankly, who cares?

You're going to meet girls who will make that long plane ride to Thailand well worth it.

It's not just a Thai woman's seductive charm and attractiveness. What closes the deal is that she makes a man feel valued. She gives him her undivided attention and refrains from criticizing him. She will accommodate him.

In other words, she shows that she values him, warts and all (even if she really doesn't). A girl may only be after a guy's money, but if the guy is happy, and she's acting the good girlfriend, he probably doesn't care.

The Bad News
You're probably going to stumble into some embarrassing moments.

Maybe one of your past loves will get upset as you walk by with a new honey on your arm (a classic scene when you try, somehow, to magically disappear).

Follow the book's guidance and use Face to smoothly turn such moments to your advantage.

Far more importantly though, is that you're going to overlook the kind of opportunities that makes Thailand so unique.

Be prepared for when a girl turns to you asking, "Why you no remember me?" Incredibly, you just sit there seriously trying *real* hard to remember who she is (you haven't a clue).

So you simply sort of mumble something. She gives up and walks away. You wonder what happened. Well, what just happened is that you let this seriously cute girl wander off!

Wake up! She's not looking for someone who's serious - she was hitting on you. (I know, you're not use to this, but still...)

When fortune smiles upon you, smile back! Know when it's okay to BS. The book lets you in on how things work.

Or maybe you'll fall in love (a good thing) and continue the relationship after returning home (caution here...) including sending her money (Uh oh! And all you experienced guys wonder why the girls light up so much when meeting newbies)

Don't end up losing big money - and your trust in women. Why Thailand explores this important topic in depth.

For you experienced veterans:

Have you ever wondered how some guys seem able to keep their girl(s) engaged in animated conversation?

After all, those guys only know the same 20 or 30 words of Thai as you.

Learn "Thaiglish" (inside Why Thailand).

While you still won't be able to discuss the finer points of philosophy with your beloved, you'll be much more able to get your meaning across.

And how many times have you returned back home from a (rather wonderful) trip questioning whether Noi (or Lek or Bee) was being honest with you.

The seductive appeal of Thailand is that relationships with the girls are so very easy and enticing. But at the same time, if you don't see things from the girls' perspective, you will seriously jeopardize any chance of a successful relationship.

"Girls and money. Money and girls." Where does one end and the other begin?

It's great that we all return to Thailand again and again,
but let's not also make the same mistakes again and again.

That's it for this newsletter. Further newsletters will touch on the all-important topic of Face, as well as various aspects of Thai nightlife. Some subjects will apply more to Newbies while others will be better appreciated by Veterans of the scene.

In addition to persuading you, dear Reader, to buy Why Thailand, I hope to also inform, entertain, and maybe even offer insight. So hang in there. If one newsletter isn't the highlight of your week, the following newsletter hopefully will.

Have the vacation of a lifetime!
Put WHY THAILAND to work for you

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Steve Seltzer
Author, Why Thailand? A Guide for an Outrageous Vacation