Why Thailand?
A Guide For An Outrageous Vacation

In Praise of Soap Operas

Too much television. That's what's to blame. Well, that and too little nookie. That's also part of the problem. So what do we guys do? We get on the Internet to see who's available and hook up with a pro for a ridiculous amount of money for some action...

Afterwards, after all is said and done, we feel about the same as when we eat white bread: filled and yet somehow still unfulfilled.

It's not sex we crave so much as adventure. And one place where both can be had is in Thailand.

Sex is readily available in Thailand, as it is in many other spots around the world, but the adventure - that is, the soap opera aspect - is uniquely intriguing. The girls often take you into their personal lives: friends, family, and boyfriends (boyfriends seem to always somehow figure into the drama).

You're at a restaurant with your squeeze, Noy, who you've been with for the last three days. She gets a call on her cell phone and, after a bit of talk, asks whether it would be all right if her "sister", Bee, could join the two of you. You say sure and in short order Bee appears.

It turns out Bee just got dumped by her boyfriend of a year and is understandably feeling pretty broken up about it. You all share the meal (an important bonding activity in Thailand) and Bee begins to brighten up some due to your efforts. Since you were planning on taking Noy to a disco later, you offer to include Bee as well.

The three of you have a wonderful time drinking and dancing until closing time. Bee is in much better spirits by this time. Noy takes you aside and coyly tells you Bee doesn't want to be alone and asks whether she can stay over with the both of you. You, ever the courteous gentleman, and after much hemming, hawing, and otherwise teasing, agree. The girls cheer this magnanimous act on your part and the three of you end up continuing the evening back at your room - details of which don't need to be spelled out.

Fantasy? Could never happen in a million years? It's not fantasy and it can happen in Thailand.

The point is that these soap operas - often involving affairs of the heart - have a randomness that make them especially endearing. There's no guarantee they will happen and, of course, they are completely unpredictable.

At the very least though, you will have tales to regale both friends and strangers with - tales that are certainly a lot more interesting than who you found on the Internet. It requires some effort on your part as this isn't simply a point and click type of thing, but it is doable in Thailand.